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Ottawa Community Social Innovation Student Fund

FUND ESTABLISHMENT: Established in late December 2020, through the leadership and generous support of donor Chris Braeuel. The “Ottawa Community Social Innovation Student Fund” supports students to provide pro bono digital technology support to local social enterprises and non-profits. See the Announcement Here

OUTCOMES: Students gain employment at a living wage and real world experiences in their chosen field to work. Organizations in our community who help make this such a kind and caring community recieve access to digital technology support to address their respective social missions.

USE OF FUNDS: All funds are used to directly support student employment and leveraged through existing Government programs for student internships ensuring maximum impact. Each dollar contributed can generate up to 3 additional dollars of funding for student employment.

“The pandemic is posing unique challenges for many students and local social enterprises alike. Having a targeted program, and fund, that fosters a mutually beneficial experience is a valuable contribution to our community ” - Chris Braeuel

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Meet the beneficiaries of the new Ottawa Community Social Innovation Student Fund and their important work supporting community-based organizations in Ottawa.

picture of Aiden
picture of Aiden

2021 Aiden Carrie

Aiden is studying Mobile Application Design and Development. Aiden’s project in the Social Innovation Lab is focused on assisting the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard to streamline digital tools used to support their volunteers in feeding the community .

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Silhoutte of female
Silhoutte of female

2022 TBD

Help the Social Innovation Lab's work in the community by donating so we can provide students paid employment at a living wage in their given field of study to assist amazing organizations in our community.

Special thanks to the organizations that have supported the
Social Innovation Lab hiring students at a living wage

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